Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tim Walker Rules

So this is one of my favorite fashion photographs ever by Tim Walker.  The lighting is absolutely gorgeous, the location is to die for and couldn't be more perfect for photographing that dress!! Where can I find a staircase like this? Gah, will someone please find me a lavish and vintage inspired location, a beautiful dress and a fabulous model like this? Look at the texture in the train!

Here is another one of my favorites.....

It's so simple but very creative! It's like a cross between an installation and a photograph. I love how he stages everything.  One day maybe my dreams will come true and I will have access to a super awesome giant glove too. It's no surprise to me that he was an assistant to Richard Avedon at one point... talk about someone who could teach you a thing or two about fashion photography.

And a few more for you to enjoy.....

What a great idea to illuminate dresses and display them as lights. Genius!

© Tim Walker

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Ellen Von Unwerth

I woke up pretty early again this morning, only to find some lovely Ellen Von Unwerth photography that has recently been posted on Frou Frou Fashionista's blogspot. I LOVE her work, it is so inspiring to me. She photographs beautiful women in lingerie very tastefully.  What I love most about her work is that you can tell it is done by a woman.  No offense to male photographers, a lot of you do a wonderful job too but I think she sees women the way they want to be seen, very sexy but still classy. If you can manage to make a woman look innocent and sweet while wearing dangerously sexy lingerie, you have done it right in my book! Of course, this is all opinion but I'm allowed to have one right?!


© Ellen Von Unwerth featured in VS Magazine

Time do do some youtube yoga! For any of you who are interested, this is the video I follow most of the time because I think this girl Sadie Nardini is awesome.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

I want this chair!

So, I really shouldn't be spending my money on furniture right now, especially a chair.... but if they still have this in the store, I have to get it! This is from Room Service Vintage.  I bought a couch that I am completely in love with from here a couple years ago and I have been looking for a chair I think would compliment it.  This shape is really hard to find and I don't know if I can pass it up! Hey, at least I can photograph it right?
Ok, so I just realized the link to the UO dress gives an error.  Here, try this.

Sometimes UO has some awesome things... that are unfortunately not affordable at all. this Wink Smocked Silk Tie-Waist Dress

Where did this come from? It's so flirty... and feminine... and wonderful! I would love have it in my closet. Ugh maybe one day.

Have I mentioned that I have a huge shopping problem? I went to Free People today and bought this. It looks completely different on me though. They have it layered over something but that isn't necessary for me because I'm really short :)

Anyway, I haven't really been good about keeping up with this blog.  I've been in Virginia/Maryland the last 6 days and forgot my computer charger at home. It was frustrating at first because I was supposed to be productive while I was away but it ended up being kinda nice despite that.