Monday, November 7, 2011

Pumpkin Cranberry Walnut Scones

Since I left for Telluride, Colorado last May, I haven't had the chance to bake a single thing. It's been really hard for me to get used to, so I'm really glad I was able to whip these up on my day off. I've actually got the day off tomorrow as well, so I will definitely be baking some other good treats.

This is my first time baking scones. I thought it would be a big challenge, but it was really much easier than I expected.  Aside from being one of the messiest things I've made in a while, I really enjoyed the whole process.  Since it's the season, I decided to go with Pumpkin Cranberry Walnut Scones, greatly inspired by two scones served at Snack Bar in Austin, Texas. I generally try to make my baked goods vegan, just for the sake of proving to myself that vegan treats can be just as enjoyable as the real deal...... however,  I decided to do quite the opposite this time around. I used buttermilk for the first time and everything, so these are definitely not the lowest calorie treat I've ever made :/

Anyway, these turned out pretty delicious, so my next challenge will be to make them both vegan and a little lower in calorie. I was hoping they would taste as if they were really bad for me, but that wasn't really the case.  Not a huge success but not a tragedy either.