Thursday, June 9, 2011

John Willie - Bizarre Magazine, 1946-1959

So... I'm really eager to start my internship with Ah Haa School for the Arts. I had my orientation today and I couldn't be more happy to be working with such awesome people in such an inspiring place. Telluride, CO is my favorite place to be and I'm so, so glad I get to spend the whole summer here surrounded by art.

Anyway, I won't have as much time to browse the internet this summer, so I figured I'd post while I still can.  I found this once again via Frou Frou Fashionista and thought it was definitely worth the post.  I've always been attracted to the vintage role women played in men's fantasies (and in real life, I suppose) so I was really drawn to these images by John Willie.  They are just really visually pleasant and wonderful.  I like how the Frou Frou ladies compared them to Ellen Von Unwerth (a favorite of mine) because those were my thoughts exactly.  I find it super interesting that even a modern female photographer is still inspired to carry on this depiction of a woman. Lovely.

© John Willie, Bizarre Magazine